“My Honest Argument(僕信論)” Last Alliance English Translation

未完成の箱舟に乘り 少年達は旅立った

The boys jumped aboard the unfinished box boat and started their journey.

mikansei no hakobune ni nori shounentachi ha tabidatta


Because they don’t understand anything from the right or the left

migi mo hidari mo wakaranai mama

胸に燈る光を 道しるべに

the light in their hearts light up and become their guide.

mune ni tomoru hikari wo michishirube ni

互いに傷つけては 傷つけられ

Together their wounds will be hurt together.

tagaini kizutsu kete wa kizutsukerare


The hole in their hearts opened.

kokoro ni ana wo hirakete

嵐を越えて 迎えた朝には

Passing through the storm, morning approaches.

arashi wo koete mukae ta asa niha


The bonds were born.

kizuna ga umareteita


Carrying a cross on their backs, they come together and send their prayers.

seotta juujika ni yose ru inori yo todoke

イエスに見放されても (I don’t look away!)

Even Jesus was abandoned (I don’t look away!)

iesu ni mihanasarete mo (I don’t look away!)


I’m not about to give up.

akirame yashinai

僕は僕を 信じてくだけ

I, myself, still have faith!

boku wa boku wo shinjiteku dake

笑いたきゃ 笑えばいいさ

Go ahead and smile, it’s fine to smile.

waraitakya waraebaiisa


There’s no bible imposition.

oshi tsukeno seisho janaku


Speak and bow down.

shuouki fuseru no wa

I believe in wonder world.


時の荒波 越えられずに

At the time when a storm passes over,

tokino aranami koerarezuni


our comrades boats will sink.

shizumu doushi tachi no fune

無情の夜空 仰ぎ十字を切り

10 characters cut through the heartless sky.

mujou no yozora aogi juuji wo kiri


Acceleration speeds up more and more.

sarani kasokudo wo ageta

闇も悔いも傷も 全て捨てて

Darkness, regret, pain, throw them all away.

yami mo kui mo itamo subete sutete


Come and dispose them.

saa ubai ni ikou


Judgment from the “the world’s end”

( sekai no owari ) ga kudasu

Get out from the dark side!


to “Last Judgment”

 ( saigo no shinpan ) he



未完成の箱舟に乘り 少年は大人になった

The boys jumped aboard the unfinished box boat and became adults.

mikansei no hakobune ni nori shounen wa otona ninatta

羅針盤は惑わされない 約束の地はZion

The compass won’t get puzzled by the covenant of the land of Zion.

rashinban wa madowa sarenai yakusoku no chi ha Zion


The powerful sound of the instrument is overwhelming.

buzei ga kanaderu oto wa tsuyoku


Don’t bend your faith.

shinnen wa mage yashinaisa


Now, the light’s direction points towards the route.

iza , hikari no sasu kouro he

地平線越え I’ll take you wonder world

Crossing over the horizon, I’ll take you to wonder world.

chiheisen koe I’ll take you to wonder world


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