“Wandering Idle Thoughts” 36g Miku Hatsune


Wandering Idle Thoughts

zatsunen fuyuu




Above the muddy ground.

nukarunda jimen no ueni


An umbrella, one and two, black and white.

kasa hitotsu futatsu shiro kuro


The thrown out words can’t be heard through the headphones.

katappo kikoenai heddofon de


The fine clothes can’t be handed down, the “love song” = rubbish

tsutawa rikiranai ( ai no uta )= gomi


was heard.

kiko eru




Plop, plop….plop, plop…

parapara … parapara …




I begin to lower my body next to yours and fall asleep.

utsu fusen natte neta furi wo shite


The thing “love” is crammed in.

sukina mono bakari tsumekon de


The person eyes are also good, but they can’t see me

nin no me mo rokuni miretenai boku wo


sigh a sigh of sadness that

ureite wa tameiki tsuite


was heard.





“I live for your sake”

   anata no tameni ikiteimasu


“I give up my everything for you”

 boku no subete wo kimi ni sasage you


How dare you say such lies?

yokumo maa sonna uso wo



そっと そっと つぶやいて

Softly, quietly, muttered.

sotto sotto tsubuyaite

そっと そっと ささやいて

Softly, quietly, whispered.

sotto sotto sasayaite




“This song I sing is about you”

 anata no koto wo uta ni shimasu


“I give you my life”

( boku no inochi wo kimi ni sasage you )


Ah, today too it’s just a fantasy,

kyou mo maa sonna kuusou wo


a lie.

uso wo

love song


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3 Responses to “Wandering Idle Thoughts” 36g Miku Hatsune

  1. Yu says:

    Can you please re-post the translation for MIDI MASTER by Kagamine Rin and Len? I’ve been looking everywhere for it but YT already deleted every 😦

    Thank you very much.

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