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Hello, I sub japanese songs. Mainly vocaloid(and or utauloid) songs and j-rock but if there is a japanese song you would like english lyrics to please send me a request by email. My youtube page is Please sub me there for more vocaloid subs! Waiting period for songs are about 1 week to a month, it depends on the song difficulty. Please enjoy!

“Leucocoryne” Miku Hatsune BinyuP English Romaji Translation

Please don’t use my translations without my consent, thank you 🙂   We thought that this time would be forever, but even it will shortly end, subete ga mabataki mitai ni isshun de sugi satte shimaukara     bcause everything … Continue reading

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“Wandering Idle Thoughts” 36g Miku Hatsune

雑念浮遊 Wandering Idle Thoughts zatsunen fuyuu     ぬかるんだ地面の上に Above the muddy ground. nukarunda jimen no ueni 傘ひとつふたつ白黒 An umbrella, one and two, black and white. kasa hitotsu futatsu shiro kuro かたっぽ聴こえないヘッドフォンで The thrown out words can’t be heard through … Continue reading

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“Make My Way” Miranosand

瞳の奥に映る黒い影から 不安という名の僕が生れ落ちる From the black shadow reflected in my eyes, what I call anxiety was born. hitomi no oku ni utsuru kuroi kage kara fuan toiu mei no boku ga umare ochiru まだ見ぬ未来 何も期待を持てず 影が僕を離さないけど Still, with the future I see, there’s no … Continue reading

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肢を手向ける The gait pays tribute to us who are about to depart shi wo tamukeru 朝凪の濁り over the murky, calm waters of morning. asa nagi no nigori 縋る乞いに 奇しき歌散らそう I rely my request in the strange song dispersing. sugaru koi … Continue reading

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“Path Case(パステルライナー☆)” Miku Hastune Shake Sphere English Translation

8時2分 8:02 8 toki 2 fun すこし真ん中寄りのドアが I’m slightly being pushed back against the door, sukoshi mannaka yori no doa ga 開いてすぐに all of a sudden they open hirai tesuguni 青いキミのカバン探す and you’re looking for your blue bag. aoi kimi … Continue reading

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“A Maiden of Couches(A寝台の少女)” 36g Sekka Yufu Miku Hatsune Append English Translation

僕はまだ君もまだ 背伸びの途中さ I’m still, you also are still, in the middle of the route stretching. boku wa mada kimi mo mada senobi no tochuusa 星はまだそのままだ 掴めはしないな The star still, with the way it is, is ungraspable. hoshi hamadasonomamada tsukame hashinaina 小さくなる寂れた駅, The … Continue reading

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“Unwithered Bouquet(枯れない花束を)” Sekka Yufu KazeharaP

枯れてく花束 つぎはぎ未来の音 The withering bouquet patches together the future’s sound. kareteku hanataba tsugihagi mirai no oto ほら、聞こえない。 Hey, I can’t hear it. hora , kikoenai . まるい月 痛みを夜空に溶かしていく The painful round moon continues to dissolve in the night sky. marui … Continue reading

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